Company info, contacts and data API 

We now offer company profile data through our collections and API. This can include the company name, company address, number of employees, company revenue, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profiles, and other contact information.

Our company data is available via bulk data collections that can be downloaded and accessed through our developer API. Each company profile return is charged at 1 INR per request.

With our company data, you can access key details about organizations to enrich your databases. Information may include:

  • Company name
  • Location - Registered and office addresses
  • Employee headcount - Approximate number of staff
  • Estimated revenues - Latest annual turnover if available
  • Social media - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter handles
  • Contact info - Phone, email, website

Our extensive company database is updated regularly to provide you with the latest intelligence on firms. Whether you need to research prospects or enrich customer data, our company profiles deliver valuable insights.

Company profile data is charged by one extra request from your account balance only if the data exists.

Get in touch to learn more about our company data API and collections and how they can enhance your business information and marketing operations.