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We parse and estimate data from different sources. We just aggregate info and make it simple, visible in one place.

In free version we show info about sites with more than 500 000 visitors in month. 

Payed version show info on any site that we can estimate.

Basically it’s impossible to calculate sites with less than 1000 visitors per month.

All the data is only estimation of AI and gathered from ISP routers and other sources. Sometime it can be up to 30% inaccurate, but it’s better than nothing.

Anyway it’s good reason to see more info about any sites to understand concurrency 

Subsequent page views are included in the same visit until the user is inactive for more than 30 minutes. If a user becomes active again after 30 minutes, that counts as a new visit. A new session will also start at midnight.

As much info as we can find including small sites, similar info.

No banners inside at all.

Example of gathered info you can see on screenshots.

Please write to to get PRO account.

Absolutely free!

With one extension click you get visitors info for last  6 months, bounce rate, pages per visit and more info.  Absolutely free!

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